11 Ideas What Show to Visit at Next Week

What Show to Visit at Next Week
11 Ideas What Show to Visit at Next Week

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The touching story of a young Arabic cadger who found a magic lamp will remind you of the famous film by Disney. For everybody, who doesn’t cease to believe in wonders, that appealing fairy tale would be of great delight. The famous characters – resilient Aladdin, charming Princess Jasmine, mighty Genie and funny monkey Abu – are waiting for you!

The Lion King

If you were once fascinated with the amusing heroes of that great cartoon, then it would be a grand adventure for you to visit the Lion King performance. This Disney masterpiece is quite a long-running one, and there’s no wonder about it. The music written for this play would definitely touch the strings of your soul.


This piece will take fancy of all history admirers and real patriots. The life’s journey of the first American treasury minister and a man of outstanding personality Alexander Hamilton is traced from the orphan youth to the prominent state career. Though the set design of performance could hardly be called a luxurious one, the actors conquer the hearts of spectators with the moving sincerity and simplicity.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus

Are you fond of breathtaking circus performances that overturn your mind? Don’t miss the fantastic show of Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey, for these guys have always something to grip their audience. The organizers guarantee unforgettable impressions for you and your kids. Planning some pleasant going-out with your family? That’s a nice option.

Mamma Mia!

The electrifying hit song of ABBA, the famous Swedish pop group, is imposing its fantastic power on the audience once again! If you can’t stay a silent listener during the performance of that masterpiece, welcome to Lyell B Clay Concert Theatre in Morgantown. Spend your Thursday evening with the driving rhythms of 70s!

Disney On Ice: Follow your heart

For everyone who can’t imagine the world of cartoon without funny characters of Walt Disney, there will be a great chance to see them once again in an outstanding performance. Besides, an exciting ice show experience is waiting for you. Welcome to the charming world of animated personages of your childhood!

Grand Ole Opry – Rhonda Vincent

Wanna refresh in mind the fervent tunes of country music and watch the acknowledged and rising stars? Welcome to Grand Ole Opry House to enjoy the inimitable spirit of live performance. Prominent songstress Rhonda Vincent will perform the hits which surely awake an echo in the hearts of listeners.

Jerry Seinfeld

Wade your cares away and visit the show of that prominent actor and stand-up comedian. Jerry seems to be born with that specific smile, and his ability to infect the audience with high spirits is really remarkable. Great option to spend Saturday time!

Julianne and Derek Hough: Move Live on Tour

One can probably hardly find a person who would stay indifferent watching the lively and driving dances of consummate professionals. Derek and Julianne Hough invite you to a true dancing festival. The program includes contemporary, tap and some hip hop. Moreover, Julianne Hough will perform her singing skills, and Derek will play his original instrumental music. Don’t miss this event!

Jim Gaffigan Show

If you roar with laughter watching the hilarious stand-up performances of that guy with remarkable appearance and extraordinary sense of humor, you definitely should visit his show in Las Vegas. Good-natured sturdy Jim Gaffigan will easily dispel your ennui (if any) and make you see ordinary things in some uncommon way. That will definitely charge you with the positive mood for quite a long time.

Book of Mormons

Looking for some satirical piece based on actual social events? Eugene O’Neil Theatre presents the masterpiece from the authors of Avenue Q and South Park animated series. This is a story about two Mormons who tried to proselytize the poorest people, but in vain. Having being shown for the first time on Broadway, this musical claimed for 14 theatre awards.