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Looking for something to help you burn out bright! Legendary Foo Fighters will share Rock with the world changing it for better! Their returning is worth waiting. They will play for you as well if you get your tickets at GuruTickets! Check Foo Fighters schedule and don’t miss your chance!

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Foo Fighters Tour Schedule

Foo Fighters tickets are on sale! Buy tickets to see Dave Grohl and the boys rockin’ out to tracks from This Is a Call to Sonic Highways! Check out the Foo Fighters 2017 tour schedule for a Foo Fighters concert near you! As the last great rock band, the Foo Fighters tour is going to be one of the hottest events of 2017. Keep an eye on the Foo Fighters schedule, and buy Foo Fighters concert tickets when they’re in your area!

About Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters, particularly front man David Grohl, who played drums for Nirvana for over three years and who also recorded an album of his own in which he played almost every instrument on every song, is a band who represent a hub of credibility at the center of the Indie music world. Grohl has connections that spread throughout the music world, thanks to his energy and ability, and this has helped shore up the Foo Fighters’ march to recognition through droves of lesser-groovers. The people who buy Foo Fighters tickets know that this is one different outfit; from soliciting the help of Alanis Morissette’s drummer, to the inclusion of Queen guitarist Brian May on a Pink Floyd cover (“Have a Cigar”), the Foo Fighters appear almost as a cooperative rather than an isolated musical entity and this is exactly why Foo Fighters tickets are so popular.
A hobby of Grohl’s is his interest in UFOs; the Foo Fighters took their name from stories of World War Two pilots who encountered strange objects in the skies during that time. Grohl realized a lifelong dream while promoting 2005’s In Your Honor, when the band played in an Army hangar at the Air Center in Roswell, New Mexico. This is the former Roswell Army Air Field where fragments of the alleged alien disc which crashed in 1947 were kept. Grohl even named his record label Roswell Records for this incident. Despite his idiosyncracies, Grohl retains maximum credibility among some of the best musicians in America today, and Foo Fighters tickets are a journey into the imagination of one of our best-respected musical sons. And get this, after nearly 3 years in near-hibernation, Foo Fighters are back with a whole new batch of Foo Fighters tickets for the true fans. Foo Fighters will release their seventh album right before hitting the road this May – the true Foo Fighters fan really can’t ask for more. So to see “Wasting Light” performed live, pick up your Foo Fighters tickets today!
Dave Grohl Kicks Unruly Fan Out of Foo Fighters Concert
While playing a show in the UK one rowdy bloke got out of hand and was promptly booted from the venue by Dave Grohl himself. Grohl reportedly stopped in the middle of a song to point out the offending guest and delivered the now famous line: “You don’t come to my show and fight, you come to my show and f***ing dance!” The Foo Fighters tour is on now, get your dance on with tickets to a Foo Fighters concert near you. Read our blog post about why Dave Grohl is the best ever.
Foo Fighters Release 52-Page Tour Rider
The Foo Fighters, known for their sense of humor and hilarious videos, recently released a 52-page over the top tour rider specifying what the band require at tour dates across the country on the latest Foo Fighters tour dates. Dave and the boys went so far as to stipulate the need for coloring books and crossword puzzles as well as illustrating the difference between a “Lame Entree” (sandwich with a side of rocks) and an “Awesome Entree” (steak and potatoes). Lead signer Dave Grohl pointed the finger at Foo Fighters tour manager Gus Brandt for coming up with the document but also took the opportunity to point out that the rider is meant to make sure that the hard-working crew are well-taken care of.
Foo Fighters Release Documentary and Cover Album
The Foo Fighters are back with a bang and a grab bag of new material including their new album Wasting Light, a documentary about the band called Back and Forth and their Medium Rare cover album that they released this past Record Store Day. As if that weren’t enough, Rope, the first single from their new album, is at the top of the Billboard Alternative charts right now. Wasting Light was produced by Butch Vig who also produced Nirvana’s albums and has the band moving from the production studio into the garage, literally, as the album was recorded in Dave Grohl’s garage. Foo Fighters tickets for upcoming shows are on sale now.

Foo Fighters Craft Garage Rock

After a four-year hiatus where the band hadn’t produced any new music, the Foo Fighters must have been looking for some inspiration, perhaps a return to the raw, hard rocking days of their youth. In true rock star fashion they combined grandiose gestures with high financing and produced their latest album, Wasting Light, in Dave Grohl’s garage. This probably isn’t your parents’ garage. The band hauled in analog equipment and speed-dialed Nirvana/Smashing Pumpkins producer Butch Vig to make them sound like they did in the 90s. Album opener Bridge Burning starts like Smashing Pumpkins Cherub Rock with James Iha kicking the door in on drums and suddenly it’s 1993 all over again. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. As part of Blackberry’s Garage Tour Contest, the Foo Fighters have been playing private shows in people’s garages.

Foo Fighters Discography

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